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Privacy Statement

The Circuit Online Entry Facility (COEF) requires personal data of the competing athletes to properly function. The maximum set of personal data stored is: first name, last name prefix, last name, gender, data of birth, street name, house number, house number suffix, zip code, city name, country name, email address, landline phone number, cell phone number, athletics club, athletics licence number, own chip code, deceased indicator. Please refer to the organizer's privacy statement to check the items they use.

The minimum set required for COEF is first and last name (to identify the athlete), gender and date of birth (to determine the category). Registrations are not possible without these data.

Please note that personal data can not be removed without corrupting previously created rankings. The organizer can however anonymize the data on request.

Dockhorn Software will not use, modify, distribute or sell any of the data stored by any of organizers using COEF. Dockhorn Software however has access to the data in order to help organizers solve problems they may encounter in operating the COEF software.

The COEF site and the COEF app do not use cookies, since there is no reason to.